30% off en TODA la tienda + envío GRATIS

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30% off en TODA la tienda + envío GRATIS

Exclusive Knitwear

Discover our latest collection, full of details that make the difference. Our knitwear collections are limited edition so everything is special and magical. Timeless designs, for everyday life. At Hojarasca we make sustainable fashion #slowfashion.


At Hojarasca we create collections around Sustainable Fashion.

We carry out limited productions and respect the production processes.

We create quality and timeless garments. That with good care last a lifetime.


We are a family business that manufactures 100% of its garments in Córdoba, Argentina. Our knitwear is made on a loom, two needles, macramé, crochet and industrial fabrics in soft textures, semi manual and hand sewn. With a design and quality that last over time.


Each HJ garment has a piece of us. We make limited edition collections and we put our hearts into our designs and that energy is transmitted. Our collections are for all ages and timeless, for a lifetime. All our love will hug you when you put on one of our clothes.


We believe in conscious fashion. We value sustainability and craftsmanship. Our philosophy is responsible and ethical production, the use of sustainable materials and the reduction of waste and impulse purchases. HJ is simplicity, nature and a constant search to get back to basics.

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Here you will find the best selection of women’s knitwear such as capes, ponchos, dresses, sweaters, tops. Timeless garments with unique techniques such as two needles, crochet and others. Materials like cotton yarn, rabbit wool, and more. All our knitwear are unique and are carefully designed in Argentina and exported to Spain for distribution. Since 2005 doing what we like the most, fashion.


Knitwear is a must-have in your wardrobe. Whether to be comfortable at home or to seek comfort when going out, our selection is ideal to combat the cold without sacrificing style. We have more classic colors to combine with jeans to stronger colors such as mustard if you are looking for a more casual style.