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30% off en TODA la tienda + envío GRATIS


About Us

Nueva York

Who are we (Maca and Pau)?

We are Maca ( @macamontat ) and Pau ( @ paulinabadra ), two friends who have known each other for many years and have decided to embark on a new adventure. We are both from the Province of Córdoba, Argentina. Maca lives in Argentina, studied Design in Clothing and Textile and Visual Art. Together with his mother, in 2005, she created Hojarasca. Currently she focuses on the design and art of each of the brand's pieces. Pau moved to Madrid 3 years ago after having traveled the world living in different countries. She specialized in Digital Marketing in Spain and has a degree in Tourism and Hospitality. And she's seen Hojarasca grow from the start. Through the years, we both share a passion for creativity and design, always wanting to do new things, innovate. We greatly appreciate art and photography, but above all traveling. Through our travels we have known new cultures, enjoyed endless adventures from which we nourish ourselves. Our friendship and passion for creativity and travel led us to look for the best way to translate our philosophy of life and teachings around the world in this new Hojarasca project.


How did Hojarasca España emerge?

Our main motivation is to feel that we do our own thing and that this is related to art and fashion, but from a sustainable and conscious perspective. Something that in turn generates a positive impact. With this new project, we are starting a new stage of Hojarasca in Spain. All products are still made and produced in an artisanal way in Argentina. Then they are sent to Madrid, and from the neighborhood of La Latina they are sent to different parts of Europe. We prepare each order as if it were unique. We believe that the detail and simplicity of conscious fashion is what characterizes us. Our garments are timeless and for life.


What is the place where the garments are produced like?

Hojarasca is already a recognized brand in Argentina and in some corners of Uruguay. Our workshops are in the mountainous city of Córdoba, Argentina. Each garment is thought, designed and produced locally, either by hand or machine. All productions are on a small scale, trying to maintain the essence of a unique, personalized product and supporting the ideal of conscious and sustainable fashion. In turn, Hojarasca Argentina has a small boutique store in one of the most emblematic neighborhoods of Córdoba, Argentina. You can also know Hojarasca Argentina through its virtual store, www.hojarascatextil.com.ar , its IG (@hojarasca___ ) and his Facebook ( Hojarasca Arte Textil ).

Hong Kong

What is our added value?

All the garments are unique and designed with enthusiasm. We make small productions, and many of our pieces are made by hand. Therefore, it takes a special time and dedication, which makes them unique. Different techniques are used such as crochet, two needles and loom. The materials used vary greatly depending on the season, be it wool, cotton, silk thread among others. Always prevailing the use of noble materials and the purchase of materials locally. Our fabrics become small treasures for life.

Meet our store in Argentina


We are a family business that manufactures 100% of its garments in Córdoba, Argentina. Our knitwear is made on a loom, two needles, macramé, crochet and industrial fabrics in soft textures, semi manual and hand sewn. With a design and quality that last over time.


Each HJ garment has a piece of us. We make limited edition collections and we put our hearts into our designs and that energy is transmitted. Our collections are for all ages and timeless, for a lifetime. All our love will hug you when you put on one of our clothes.


We believe in conscious fashion. We value sustainability and craftsmanship. Our philosophy is responsible and ethical production, the use of sustainable materials and the reduction of waste and impulse purchases. HJ is simplicity, nature and a constant search to get back to basics.