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30% off en TODA la tienda + envío GRATIS


SLOW FASHION in Hojarasca

The slow fashion phenomenon is a new philosophy that has conquered thousands of wardrobes. It goes beyond a style, it is an ethical and lasting stance.

What is slow fashion?

It is a new way of encompassing fashion through more conscious thought, production and consumption.

It was created with the aim of making consumers aware of the importance of valuing the production chain, respecting its times and contributing to respect for the environment.

Slow vs Fast Fashion

Fashion is one of the most polluting industries on the planet.

Slow fashion proposes a new consumer thinking, more respectful and ethical. A different look at the excessive production and excessive consumption of today that we see in fast fashion.

Slow Fashion

How does Hojarasca create its collections around Sustainable Fashion?

∅ We carry out limited productions and respect the production processes.

∅ We create quality and timeless garments. That with good care last a lifetime.

∅ We use noble materials and buy them locally. Argentina and Latin America in general is a region rich in textile resources and techniques.

Our garments represent the tradition of those who design them and those who make them. They promote our culture, our ideals and our identity.


What do we do?

In Hojarasca you will find a wide variety of knitwear such as capes, ponchos, dresses, pullovers, tops. Timeless garments with unique techniques such as two needles, crochet and others.

Where are our workshops?

They are located in Córdoba, Argentina. Each garment is thought, designed and produced locally, either by hand or machine. All productions are on a small scale, trying to maintain the essence of a unique, personalized product and supporting the ideal of conscious and sustainable fashion.

Want to know more about us? Look at our section “ABOUT US”